Arthaland partners with KMC Savills for Sevina Park

ARTHALAND Corp. has once again partnered with KMC Savills Inc. for its newest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) neighborhood, Sevina Park. KMC will be the exclusive leasing agency for the top developer’s flagship mixed-use development south of Metro Manila.

Artist’ rendition of Sevina Park, developed by Arthaland Corp. KMC Savills Inc. will be the exclusive leasing agency for this flagship project.

Arthaland Senior Vice President for Sales and Leasing Opertaions Oliver Chan, and KMC Managing Director Michael McCullough did the first-ever virtual signing through Zoom to formalize the partnership.

“KMC has been our trusted partner for previous developments and there is no doubt that they are our top pick for trailblazing estates,” Chan said regarding the partnership. “With their marketing innovation and excellent track record, we are confident that they will help in delivering success to Sevina Park.”

Representatives of Arthaland Corp. and KMC took part in a virtual meeting via Zoom to finalize their partnership. Clockwise from top left: Oliver Chan, Arthaland senior vice president for Sales and Leasing Operations; Michael McCullough, KMC Savills manging director; Christopher Ting, KMC Savills associate director, Landlord Representation; and Michael Glindro, KMC Savills manager Landlord Representation.

McCullough also proudly shared that KMC has been working with real estate developer for seven years and counting. He said, “We have been working together on different leasing strategies and to see those efforts pay off makes it worthwhile. Helping our clients exceed their expectations and hearing their appreciation of our efforts means a lot to us.”

Located in Biñan, Laguna, the Philippines’ first and only LEED Platinum for Neighborhood Development community will be comprised of residential – for families and students; office, and retail spaces. Sevina Park is currently vying for both LEED Home and EDGE certifications, consistent with Arthaland’s portfolio of green and sustainable developments.

Chan said that Sevina Park aims to provide sustainable benefits by ensuring access to necessities, wide-open spaces, walkability, and bicycle friendliness. “LEED Home will provide the homeowner with health and wellness benefits on top of energy and water savings,” he said.

McCullough also shared his enthusiasm for the new development as Arthaland continues to push the boundaries of sustainability as a LEED developer. He said, “It is always amazing to be part of their projects as they have been at the forefront of these groundbreaking sustainable estates.”