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As the pandemic continues to unfold, we are reminded that we all have a responsibility to help one another.

At ARTHALAND, we are spearheading a donation drive to support our health workers at the frontlines, winning this ongoing battle. Our drive aims to assist and equip these tireless individuals and the communities that they continue to protect.

The bulk of the donation funds is for building temporary quarantine facilities.

Temporary quarantine facilities are structures meant to augment and increase the capacity of our hospitals. These structures are meant to house COVID positive patients to control the virus’s rapid spread and flatten the curve in the process.

Hereunder is a quick look at what has transpired:

April 01 – We partnered with WTA Architecture + Design Studio and Anthology Festival Organization. They have put together a team composed of several other architects, doctors, engineer consultants, and the Philippine Army to construct select Emergency Quarantine Facilities (EQF). EQF can be built in less than five days and can be scaled up and greatly assist overwhelmed hospitals nationwide. A functional EQF of around 156 sq.m., without medical equipment and machines, can house 15 patients. The design of the EQF is following the guidelines of the Department of Health.

April 02 – We were able to donate 96 boxes of canned goods to our partner beneficiaries in the cities of Taguig and Binan, Laguna. ARTHALAND has likewise received some aerosol packages from Innovatronix, which we were able to donate to San Lazaro Hospital in Taguig City on April 13.


April 10 – We were able to finance our first EQF in Ospital ng Makati and another EQF in Taguig Pateros District Hospital. Both facilities were completed on April 16 and April 30, respectively, and are currently operational. Arthaland employees generously contributed to a significant amount of cash donations.

May 26 – We partnered with Bayanihan Cebu, a private sector-led information drive. The group helps bridge donations from different individuals, groups, or organizations to support the Bayanihan Cebu Field Centers that will house COVID-19 patients exhibiting mild to moderate symptoms. The company contributed towards funding the IEC Field Center located in the international Eucharistic Congress (IEC) Convention Center along Pope John Paul II Avenue, which can accommodate around 200 patients.


To further support our fight against the rising number of cases, ARTHALAND committed to donating 4,000 Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test kits to the cities of Makati, Taguig, and Cebu to give our fellow communities access to free testing.

August 20 – We donated 1,000 RT-PCR test kits each in vital urban areas of Taguig and Makati. Present during the turnover were Mr. Jeffrey Biton, Taguig City Hall’s Pharmacist, and Ms. Fleda Rose Castro, Makati City DRRM Office Staff.


August 26 – We donated 2,000 RT-PCR test kits in Cebu City where the turnover was attended by City Health Department’s Dr. Jeffrey Ibones, Office of the Cebu City Mayor’s Chief of Staff Atty. Mary Rose Lubino, Department of Health Central Visayas’ Chief Pathologist Dra. Mary Jean Loreche, and from the Emergency Operations Center, Dra. Michelle Linsalata. Test kits were then delivered immediately to the Department of Health office.


October 09 – We made another donation of 2,000 RT-PCR test kits each in vital urban areas of Taguig and Makati. Present during the turnover were Mr. Jeffrey Biton, Taguig City Hall’s Pharmacist, and Ms. Fleda Rose Castro, Makati City Hall’s Makati DRRM Office Staff.

ARTHALAND’s commitment, however, to three temporary quarantine facilities is an initial target. We will continue to accept donations to fund additional facilities to expand hospitals’ capacity, supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sets to public hospitals, and share in-kind contributions to our partner communities.

No matter how big or small, your contributions can make an impact in our battle against this outbreak. No disease can ever break our resolve. Together, as a community that shares and contributes its resource, we shall persevere.


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